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Time for a brief discussion on, drum roll please, fantasy books.

Before I move on to what I really wanted to talk about if you are interested in awesome fantasy writing tips the authors over at magicalwords really do a good job of laying out some interesting workshop style blog entries.

I am in the middle of Stephen Kings monsterpiece “Under the Dome”.

I like his world that he has built over the years with many interconnected stories, definetly an alternate universe.

That is one giant book to haul around. One of the reasons I am only reading it in bed right before I go to sleep is because the thing is so huge. It is my bedside book.

I am enjoying it but not like I liked The Stand.

Want to read some related material another site of mine

Here are some bits and pieces from

“Years ago, I decided to try writing a novel. I knew what I wanted to write about. I had a general idea of how the story should go. I sat in front of the computer in a quiet room, my hands resting on the keyboard. I got a few sentences out, but the going was abysmally slow. I decided to put in a CD to help me work.” – Misty Massey


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